A Small Update

Just a small update to say I’m still here! Between a new project at work, the holidays (extended by a concussion), plans for career changes, and a Switch which my sister gifted me, I admit I let all my blog plans slip.

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Adding Well-to-tank calculations

The other day whilst was updating my terribly nerdyvery responsible excel on C02 emissions I realised I was completely missing the emissions from ‘Well-to-tank’ (WTT). So I added it, and found a great source for CO2 emission data along the way…

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Functional Print: Double entry

Just another weekend dusting off the 3D printer! This time making an adapter bracket to fix a seat onto a rowing machine, and a tiny little wingnut thingy to help a friend who needed one for their easel.

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Website v1.5 Updates

As I mentioned in the Website v1.0 post, it was in its minimum viable state. There was still a lot which I wanted to include, and slowly in my spare moments I’ve managed to enable a couple of new features:

  • paginate
  • category and subcategory icons!
  • tags and tag clouds
  • new picture and gallery includes instead of markdown images
  • css tweaks
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