MS Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

Been a while since any update, so heres a tiny one: I got my DP-100 Azure Data Scientist certificate! Pretty interesting to learn about the Azure environment and how to train and deploy a pipeline on the cloud, and how incredibly scalable it is… Only downside is if you aren’t careful there can be some suprise charges in there (in my case I accidentally used premium storage when I didn’t need it)

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Tutorial: Embedding into your website through binder and nbinteract

Some time ago, as I was working through the course, one of the mini-projects ended with a suggestion to serve the classifier to the general public. The suggested route, being hosted on and serving the jupyter notebook directly or through voila, was quite good, and easy to do. Voila particularly made the page quite elegant and presentable. However, the method did not play nice when embedding it in your own website. After pulling my hair out for a bit I finally got it working with nbinteract and thought I’d share the steps as a short tutorial for the rest of the world.

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Pruned Monero Node in Docker

Finally had a practical reason to play with docker outside of tutorials! Taken a back by the blockchain size, I modified a docker container to run a Monero pruned node.

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Starting project bloodhound

Last weekend, I started thinking and playing with the idea of moving some of the metric trackers I use into SQL. Whilst in the process, my mind started getting ahead of myself as per usual and the idea kind of evolved into just making the actual tracking itself easier, maybe through something that we use every day… like a phone messenger app! Thus the birth of Bloodhound, my metric tracking project interfaced via a Telegram Bot.

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Starting to move my trackers into SQL

I track quite a lot of weird, trivial metrics in my life. This includes some personal aspects (mood, sleeping hours, weight, etc) and also general CO2 related energy usage and vehicle use. At first I was storing the data in a simple excel, but it started becoming unwieldy and I split it up into different files, with some interconnects as needed. Now its become again an unwieldy beast and difficult to interact with, so I’ve decided to stop running from the fact it should just have been in a proper database from the get go. I’ve decided to try and migrate it all to a SQL server, although as per usual, this is just a general idea and I’ll see where we end up!

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Out with the old, in with the new - New PC build

In the midst of a bit of a crazy year, I decided to make my life just a tad bit more difficult, and I upgraded my PC. It was a long time coming, last time I bought new PC components which weren’t harddrives was around 8 years ago, and whilst the trusty old machine could handle most of the things I threw at it, it did feel like it was time to start afresh.

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