Footprint And Travels


Admittedy I have been blessed/privileged to go on many a trip over the years, here’s all the places these tired feet have stepped on:

Top trips:

  • Japan - Its vastly different, but its also very well developed.
  • USA - American culture permeates the whole western world, was nice to see some first hand.
  • Vancouver Island WWOOF volunteering - Beautiful place, loved working on the little gardens, met lovely people. Dream retirement location.

CO2 and Water

This is my current measurements for my yearly CO2 and Water impact:

Year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Total [kg] 2919 2313 3885 6370 1806
Flights 2919 1675 1157 2544 374
Car   639 1647 2066 782
Motorbike     950 474 0
Electricity     342 539 222
Natural Gas     272 749 428

Plot of CO2 emitted

Last updated: 2020-07-19


There are a lot of assumptions here:

  • Does not include missed or cancelled flights.
  • Flights calculated with ICAO carbon offset calculator.
  • No impact factors for height of CO2 emission.
  • Diesel: 2.68kg/L, Petrol: 2.31 kg/L, Gas: 2.27 kg/m3, Electricity: 0.53 kg/kwh. Now includes Well-to-tank factors and is taken from the values calculated by the UK Goverment.
  • Does not include taxis, trains or other forms of transport.
  • Does not include driving and energy usage once at the holiday destination.
  • Assumes for the car and motorcycle I was by myself.

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