Just another weekend dusting off the 3D printer! This time making an adapter bracket to fix a seat onto a rowing machine, and a tiny little wingnut thingy to help a friend who needed one for their easel.

Rowing machine seat adapter

Some time ago I got a rowing machine off of freecycle.org, however as per usual freecycle shenanigans, the seat was missing. So it lived in my garage for the last couple of months whilst I figured out what to convert it to or how to reuse it.

Lo and behold I saw one of those sit-up trainers laying in the trash cycling home one day. I noticed that the headrest portion looked ideal for exactly that purpose! Long story short, made a two piece 3D printed adapter plate which adapts the hole pattern from one to the other, and now I have a functioning rowing machine!


My friend lost a wingnut that held together her easel, so whilst the 3D printer was still hot I made a small wingnut adapter thing which a nut can drop in. It kinda works, but obviously due to the layering and the shape of it its a bit fragile than I’d like and the wing broke whilst tightening… still works and it was a test for overhangs more than anything.

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