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Website v1.7 - Project Page
(15 Oct 2020)

Welp! a whole year has passed since last major change but here we are, v1.7, with a newfangled projects page (including a gallery), some touching up in CSS and a few bug fixes.

Website v1.6 - Comments and Slideshows!
(15 Sep 2019)

Another round of updates to the website! This time a comment section courtesy of Disqus and image slideshows.

Website v1.5 Updates
(02 Aug 2019)

As I mentioned in the Website v1.0 post, it was in its minimum viable state. There was still a lot which I wanted to include, and slowly in my spare moments I’ve managed to enable...

Making a Parallax splash page
(26 Mar 2019)

Side scrolling games have used parallax for many decades already, giving a sensation of depth with very simple graphics. It took a while but shortly after the release of CSS3, websites started popping up with...

Website v1.0 released!
(11 Mar 2019)

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, I finally got the website to its minimum viable state: splash page, blog, and about-me section.

Hiding from spammers with JavaScript
(09 Mar 2019)

Email spammers use bots to crawl the internet and make note of the mailto: links scattered around blogs, forums and websites to build their massive lists of potential phishing and spam victims. Having a plain...

First Post!
(24 Aug 2018)

I thought it would be neat to try and finally make a blog which I can use to showcase some of the minor hobby projects I get up to. Mostly because it might just force...

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