First Post!

24 August 2018

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I thought it would be neat to try and finally make a blog which I can use to showcase some of the minor hobby projects I get up to. Mostly because it might just force me to keep going on projects and document what I do with a little more care.

Hello! Hello!

I thought for simplicity, in both hosting and in content creation, might be best to leverage Jekyll’s intimate integration into GitHub: content management and versioning? all in one? accessible from anywhere in the world? Sounds pretty good to me, and probably better than anything else I could churn out for now…

I’ll be using Jekyll Now to start the site, but then adapting it and overhauling the design as I go along. The site is hosted here, and you are free to look at it, reuse it (if anything at all is useful) and even complain about how terribly written it is. Go for it!

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