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Pruned Monero Node in Docker
(14 Dec 2020)

Finally had a practical reason to play with docker outside of tutorials! Taken a back by the blockchain size, I modified a docker container to run a Monero pruned node.

Adding an unsupported Brother printer to Synology
(24 Oct 2020)

In overhauling the network I decided to give away an old HP 1022 laserjet and install a newer Brother HL-1110 that I had hanging around, but whilst the HP 1022 worked fine with DSM’s printer...

It never ends - VM box, RAM and more Services
(17 Oct 2020)

As mentioned in the previous network-related post, I not only fixed the corner up but also bought a Lenovo Thinkcentre M72e Tiny. Its a tiny little device which I plan on using for experimenting with...

New NAS and cleaner network corner!
(04 Oct 2020)

So with much careful deliberation over my previous adventures, I decided to stop screwing around and just build the network/homelab as I wanted. This involved removing old devices and cleaning cables, new NAS drive, new...

Sold the microserver on impulse
(15 Sep 2020)

After the other month’s adventures in just buying the cursed microserver, this is the collection of adventures in toiling away at getting it all working, and then selling it anyways.

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