Setting up a headless Raspberry Pi with Teamviewer.

I might be projecting, but I believe a large portion of Raspberry Pi’s out there will be currently sitting in their owner’s drawers, not doing much at all since the hype around the device has settled down. I thought it would be a great little thing to use as a server for domotics, local websites and what not, so why not put it in a dark little corner and run it headless? And while we are at it, why not have a remote desktop?

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First Post!

I thought it would be neat to try and finally make a blog which I can use to showcase some of the minor hobby projects I get up to. Mostly because it might just force me to keep going on projects and document what I do with a little more care.

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Turning pages of a non-touch enabled app with touch

I always love the laptop-tablet hybrids, although admittedly I don’t use the tablet functionality half as much as I’d like. Sometimes its just because mouse and keyboard are far superior and make sense, and sometimes its because touch functionality and UX is just not where it should be. For example, the surface book is a great device to read comics, the colours are nice, the tablet is the right format but my favourite comic reader, YACReader just doesn’t take touch input.

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