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Tutorial: Embedding Fast.ai into your website through binder and nbinteract
(12 Jan 2021)

Some time ago, as I was working through the fast.ai course, one of the mini-projects ended with a suggestion to serve the classifier to the general public. The suggested route, being hosted on binder.org and...

Adding an unsupported Brother printer to Synology
(24 Oct 2020)

In overhauling the network I decided to give away an old HP 1022 laserjet and install a newer Brother HL-1110 that I had hanging around, but whilst the HP 1022 worked fine with DSM’s printer...

Setting up a headless Raspberry Pi with Teamviewer.
(27 Aug 2018)

I might be projecting, but I believe a large portion of Raspberry Pi’s out there will be currently sitting in their owner’s drawers, not doing much at all since the hype around the device has...

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