Tag: sustainability

The CO2 impact of just one blog
(04 May 2020)

This post in the end is more a placeholder, or even a reminder if you will, on not forgetting that even the smallest of our actions has a CO2 impact!

Adding Well-to-tank calculations
(16 Oct 2019)

The other day whilst was updating my terribly nerdyvery responsible excel on C02 emissions I realised I was completely missing the emissions from ‘Well-to-tank’ (WTT). So I added it, and found a great source for...

Tracking personal CO2 footprint
(22 Apr 2019)

I wouldn’t consider my self an ‘Eco-Warrior’, but I do care for this planet, and wish to see its full splendor intact (or as intact as can be) well into my old age and my...

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