Wanting to get much more into Data Science for my career I decided to take the Cambridge Spark Applied Data Science bootcamp.

It was great fun, and I learnt a lot which I hope to be applying soon at work!

Completed! Completed!


The course was taught part time over weekends, with assignments on the edu-Kate platform in between. Admittedly it wasn’t easy to handled a full time job at the same time but I have no regrets at doing it part-time particularly with the on going pandemic.

Modules included:

  • ADS01 Building foundations: Tools, Mathematics and Best Practices for Data Scientists
  • ADS02 Data Exploration, Supervised Learning and Feature Engineering
  • ADS03 Classification, Model Selection and Regularisation
  • ADS04 Regression, Time Series and Unsupervised Learning
  • ADS05 Databases and NoSQL
  • ADS06 Processing Big Data
  • ADS07 Ensemble Methods
  • ADS08 Neural Networks and Deep Learning
  • ADS09 Natural Language Processing
  • ADS10 Recommender Systems

And all finished with a capstone project on EDA and submission for the M5 Kaggle Competition (will post about it soon too)

Technologies/Skills used

  • Python, Pandas, Sklearn, statsmodels
  • Conda and Git
  • Causalens Data Analysis Platform

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